Insurance Products

At Astute Insurance Services Pty Ltd we provide a wide range of insurance products and services.

Our job is to help make your insurance purchase as easy as possible.

Buying insurance can seem complex, with no two insurance companies providing the same cover or premiums. As specialist insurance advisers, we deal with all the major insurance companies and underwriting agencies that offer insurance within your industry sector.

We know who offers the products best suited to your needs and we’ll provide you with the most competitive and comprehensive option for all the insurance cover you require.

Business Insurance

No matter how diligently you run your business, it will always be exposed to risks. From fires and burglaries, to claims against you for injury to a third party! Without the correct insurance, this could close the doors of even the most successful businesses.

  • Fire & Perils
  • Business Interruption
  • Burglary
  • Loss of Money
  • Glass
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Engineering Equipment

Professional Indemnity

Mistakes happen! All you can do is make sure that they don’t cost you more than you can afford. That’s why we can arrange comprehensive professional indemnity insurance cover to our clients who are providing Professional Services.

Management Liability

Private companies and their directors continue to face greater corporate governance and increasing regulatory surveillance of the management of their business activities.

Construction & Trade

Whether you are a Civil Contractor, Tradesman or Licensed Builder, you face risk of Public Liability claims against you and loss or damage to Tools, Plant and Equipment on a daily basis.

At Astute Insurance Services Pty Ltd, we provide you with protection against these risks at an affordable price.

Builders Warranty / Indemnity

Home Warranty Insurance is a statutory product, compulsory under relevant building legislation in most states for builders carrying out residential building work. Home Warranty Insurance protects consumers from financial loss caused by a builder’s failure to rectify or compensate for defective or incomplete residential building work. Builders are responsible for taking out Home Warranty Insurance at the time of entering into a building contract with a homeowner.

Strata and Community Corporation Insurance

Residential strata insurance (also known as body corporate cover in some states) is general insurance that covers common property under the management of a strata title or body corporate entity.

Strata insurance generally covers common or shared property as defined on the title of the property. This might include common areas, lifts, pools, car parks, gardens, wiring, balconies, walls, windows, ceilings and floors. Strata insurance must provide liability cover in the event people are injured on common property.

Commercial Property

Coverage for your building, fixtures and fittings against loss, damage or theft. Public Liability for property owners and additional extensions such as loss or damage to the glass windows, signs and cover for a reduction in your income as a result of damage to your property.

Marine Transit

Covers the loss of, or damage to, goods you buy, sell or use in your business when they are in transit by road, rail, air and sea.

Transport Operators

Truck Insurance / Transport Operators Insurance addresses the unique exposures of a transport operation business and may combine such covers as Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Marine Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

Whether you operate a truck, a bus or a fleet of vehicles, we specialise in finding the insurance solution for your transport operation. We have access to a wide range of Truck Insurance / Transport Operators Insurance products and carriers and we are able to tailor your policy to meet your requirements.

Corporate Travel Insurance

If you have employees who are required to travel either internationally or domestically while on business, you should make sure your organisation isn’t exposed to extravagant expenses they can incur.

Expenses for medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, flight cancellations or lost luggage are just a few of the common costs that companies can face when their employees are on business trips.

Accident & Sickness

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance is vital for any Business owner.

If you become injured or sick, personal accident & sickness insurance will ensure you still receive a portion of your income so that you can support yourself and your family.

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Rose has many years experience and knowledge in the insurance industry. Her speciality includes small to medium businesses and Commercial Motor Insurance.

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Marisa is the Manager of HFSA and commenced her insurance career in 1992 at a large International Insurer and in 2005 moved into the role as a General Insurance Broker.

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Debbie has 34 years' experience in the insurance industry in both broking and underwriting.During this time she has worked in various roles including Underwriting,

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